ReGen Featured Business: Blue Moon Appliance & Liquidation

So ReGen recently had the chance to sit down with Jeff Christlieb, the owner of Blue Moon Appliance & Liquidation – Hibbing, MN, and being that his is an Iron Range success story, we’d like to tell you a little bit about our visit.

As some of you may have heard, Blue Moon recently relocated to downtown Hibbing and have been busy remodeling and putting a little equity back into one of our Range cities’ downtown area company website. Jeff grew up in Osage, MN, and his introduction to the Iron Range came during his time at Hibbing Community College. He’s been running businesses all over MN ever since. Jack of all trades doesn’t quite do it justice – he owned a construction company, held several rental properties, did home inspections, ran a grocery store and a truck stop, and even had time for a horse ranch for a while.

A few years ago, Jeff saw some opportunities, first in Osage, and then the Iron Range. He got into the business of buying scratch and dent appliances in bulk on the side, and reselling them to individuals. He quickly realized that the supply/demand was tipped pretty heavily towards the consumer end of things, and decided to try opening a storefront. Long story short, scratch and dent appliances morphed into furniture, household goods, even power wheels, and the original store was running smoothly. His daughter is currently managing the Osage store, and he spends his time focusing on the Hibbing location.

From his time in the Iron Range, he knew about our economic peaks and valleys. During those valleys when times get a little tight, things around the house still break. Jeff saw an opportunity to provide affordable appliances to a population that loves to shop local, and it gave him the reason to move back to the Range that he was looking for.

An entrepreneur moving back to the Range, on purpose, and starting a successful, family owned business that is actively investing in our downtowns. We need more stories like this.

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