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About ReGen

ReGen was formed from a grassroots group of young Iron Rangers that want to promote the growth of a younger demographic in our area. Our mission is to attract and retain young adults on the Iron range by enhancing a vibrant cultural and economic landscape. We currently have a board of ten active board members, along with a passionate group of young participants from across the Iron Range that attend our events and are excited about the future of our organization.

Since our inception from focus group turned task force, ReGen has successfully held events ranging in attendance from 50-100+ people of all ages. This indicates a strong interest for the topics we are discussing such as demographic shifts on the Iron Range and how younger generations can get involved in our communities. We have also started a successful mentorship program with Hibbing Community College to connect college students to careers and young members of the Iron Range business community. This mentorship program is now in its third semester.

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The ReGen Board

Charanna Smith Conger 

David Hughes 
Vice President

Allyse Freeman

Andy Erjavec 
Board Member

Jared Sabin 
Board Member

Jessalyn Sabin
Board Member, Founding Member

Whitney Ridlon
Board Member

Sarah Kangas
Board Member

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